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The Magic.

Via-Wise, the mobile application that assists you in assessing weather risks and provides you with real-time route recommendations. The application takes your inputs about destinations and time specifics, and then gathers a wide range of real-time weather-related data to assess the risks of different routes.

What makes us different?

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    Over 10 different types of weather including road surface

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    Combined probability risks of delay and crash

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    Optimized routing decision including times


Getting you to your destination,


The Mission.

Via-Wise’s mission is to develop an easy-to-use application for truck drivers in order to reduce weather-related delays and crashes and increase the likelihood of efficient and safe travel.

The Vision.

Our vision at Via-Wise is to create a world in which driving in inclement weather is safer and more efficient through a computerized transportation management system that identifies weather risks and helps drivers make better decisions.

The Difference.

Currently, weather-related decisions are often made by drivers and companies using weather forecasts alone. Driver experiences and biases heavily influence these decisions. Via-Wise aims to supplement such naturalistic decision-making with an evidence-based software solution. Via-Wise’s application, called “Truck-Wise”, analyzes real-time weather-related data (consisting of over 25 data inputs of separate data types) through an algorithm to predict the probability of delays and crashes on any given routes and optimize the routes for truck drivers. With increased implementation of Via-Wise’s application, fewer delays and crashes due to bad weather will occur, leading to major saving for trucking firms and safer roads for all.